Thursday, February 12, 2004

12 Feb 2004

200 Warm up Free

250 - 12 x 25's fingerplay - 1st 25 whole hand, 2nd 25 = 4 fingers...6th 25 = fists, 7th 25 = fists, 8th = 1 finger...12th 25 - whole hand free on :45

500 - 12 x 50's alternate between free and kick on the 50's. Do these on 1:30

500 - 2 x (100 Free, 75 free, 50 free, 25 free) with hand paddles on first set. 15-30 seconds rest on each rounding to nearest half minute.

200 - 200 IM cool down

1800 Total

I set the alarm 5 minutes early (5:25) and that was the perfect setting. That allowed me not to rush and make it here on time. I noticed the showers at Northwest are awesome. They are very warm and have good pressure. I came up with this workout spontaneously. I was expecting Elayna to have her turn, but she didn't have one. I'll bring one from now on and we can modify it as necessary. Tomorrow is going to be only about 1000 yard workout though to give Elayna a little break. Both of us have gone from no swimming whatsoever to a mile a day. She admitted its getting tempting to stay in bed. I bought a year pass to Northwest so that isn't an option for me. I hope she keeps going. I know I feel tons better during the day, especially with a little Orange Juice to keep my mind active. Otherwise I get fatigued at work.
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