Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Week 2 of WFPBC in GSL

Yeah, I voted.
Met Goody, Josh, Jim, Chad at GSL marina for week 2.  The water on Goody, Josh and Jim's thermometer read 57°.  While my new infrared laser gun read 48-52°.  Definitely needs calibration!

The water felt fine.  We swam out to the end of the marina opening and back.  About 400 yards.  There were three sculling boats filled with high school students that we moved around. The water actually felt really nice.  I wasn't cold until I got out.  Then I started to shiver a little.  Not bad though. Was in the water for 22:45. Cathi came out to support.  Kind of silly at this temperature.

Today in DNOWS, it was announced that a documentary on Open Water Swimming is being produced and needs funding.  I jumped on that.  Please take a look and consider donating even just a little:

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