Thursday, November 15, 2012

English Channel Ratification

Man!  I have been waiting for this year's OW season to end just so I could get my certificate in the mail.  Not only did I get that, but I got the notes that Sam took, and all the coordinates, and stats that I love (Stroke per minute, water temp, duration of feeds, wave height, etc.)  When you pay for an English Channel Crossing.  You get your money's worth!

Congratulatory letter from Kevin Murphy:

Official certificate:

The Certificate

President is Nick Adams, 
Chairman is Michael Orem, 
Honorable Secretary is Kevin Murphy (King of the Channel)

Observer's Log:

Notes that the observer took (Sam Weatherall):


Pg 2 of Sam's Notes

Finally the Observer's Report and ratification.

Shoulder update:  Met with Dr. Gardiner today and he was very pleased with my range of motion and cautioned me to not get too excited and disobey orders and begin activity.  I don't plan to do any freestyle, but I will continue with very easy breaststroke in the short swims in the Great Salt Lake with the WFPBC.

Next swim:  Saturday afternoon at 3pm with Sue and Kate.  Expecting it to be around 6°C (44f)

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