Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First painful swim this season

This evening I met Jim at the Marina and it was just him and myself.  Just before we got in Jim said he already took a temp and it read 46°F. (7.7° C)  It actually wasn't that bad getting in.  Swam easy breast stroke to the far end of the marina.  On the way back I started shivering.  I don't recall doing that WHILE I'm swimming.  Granted, I've never swam heads up breaststroke before in water this cold.  It's always been front crawl with my face in, and going as fast as I can.

Jim and I right before getting in.  Love the snow
on the mountains!  Finally a REAL polar bear swim this
I got the muscle twinges where it feels like your muscles are literally freezing and not firing properly.  Kind of a strange feeling.  When we got back I looked at my watch and we got out exactly at 15 minutes.  I took a temp with my watch and it read 45.4°F (7.5°C).  I saw Dave Shearer drive down the ramp and watch us get out.  Jim graciously shared a gallon of his warm water that he had.  It was nice.  On the way up the ramp, my lower back was cramping up.  Not sure if it's a muscle thing or what.  Swimming breaststroke is not my favorite thing in the world.  But I'll take it over not swimming at all.

Finger pain wasn't bad.  It was the lower back that was rough.  Sat in my warmed up car and shivered for a good 10 minutes.  Was light headed too.   Once it gets this cold, and colder, it only gets more difficult.  But I love it!  Planning to go back on Saturday at noon.

Total Distance: 400 yards in 15 minutes
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