Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Returning to SDRC

Yesterday I met with my Physcial Therapist, Grayson Doar and she immediately asked me "Are you swimming yet?"  which I took as a test to see if would be upfront and honest given that I have been told NOT to swim yet.  I had to come clean and I told her, "Just a little breast stroke nice and easy.  I'm not doing any freestyle yet".  She didn't chastise me, but said that she would try to get word from Dr. Gardiner if I can start some overhand stroke at the early end of the range for "light exercise" which would be mid December.  I was thrilled!

She gave me a more intense set of exercises to work on the next couple weeks and suggested that I spent some time on a upper body bike.  The way I see it, breast stroke does the same motion as the upper body bikes so I'm considering that the go ahead to do some breast stroke on a regular basis.

So this morning I went to the SDRC and as soon as I got in the pool area Kris Edwards yells out "Gordon!  Come join me."  She was in one of the two fast lanes and had the lane all to herself.  I told her I wouldn't be able to follow the prescribed workout and was limited to breast stroke.  They were doing IM work, so I did one arm fly/back/free and both hand on breast.  Put on fins so I wouldn't get lapped.  It was fun!

Did 900 yards before time ran out (I got there much later than the official start of the workout), and moved to the north side and did 900 more yard including kickboard work.  Shoulder didn't give me any crap and I wasn't winded.  So looking forward to this on a regular basis!

Total Distance: 1800 yards

Oh, and I finally hit my 700 miles modified yearly goal (thanks to the shoulder surgery).  I'm going to remodify it and see if I can hit 730 for the year.
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