Thursday, November 1, 2012

First day of winter swimming

I'm still alive.  Per doctors orders, I'm not allowed to swim.  Recovery from the Rotator Cuff surgery is going  very well.  I am doing physical therapy which involves lots of stretching.  No lifting and no swimming.  However, I'm certainly allowed to soak, and I can definitely handle that!  Especially with my good friends in water that many would consider "nuts" to be immersed in.

I met up with Josh, and Goody on the first day of the winter swimming season out at the Great Salt Lake Marina.  It's also the first day of the official club status of Salt Lake Open Water(SLOW), a United States Masters club.  The Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club is really just SLOW during the winter.  We require all of those who swim to be registered with United States Masters.   As of today (only two days into the 2013 season), we already have 8 members.  That's awesome!

I took some pics of Goody.  This dude is bound and determined
to earn his way into the Ice Swimming Association.  I'll be
there with a towel and cup of hot chocolate at the
 boat ramp for him.  My money is that he makes it.  
After we were in the water for about 10 minutes, we noticed a swimmer walking down the ramp towards us.  We met Miles Pomeroy, who joined us in the water.  We chatted for quite a while in the water.  I LOVE the Great Salt Lake!  You don't have to tread water at all and can just sit in the water and enjoy the coolness.  I forgot to bring my new laser gun that takes temp, but Josh had his thermometer and it read 52°F.

I have discussed a race with Dave Shearer, the Harbormaster for the Great Salt Lake Marina, and have started the paperwork for doing an event on New Years Day.  Once it gets completely approved we'll really start to promote it.  We've already got some good safety coverage planned, and the logistics should make it extremely safe even though the average Snuggie loving ignoramus would argue otherwise.

After about 20 minutes Josh and I got out and I had to get home for a nice date night with Cathi.  Looking forward to next week!  Also, the South Davis Masters Swim Meet is next weekend.  I'm in charge of that so it's gonna be crazy busy.
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