Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sue earns a WFPBC Cap

Today Cathi and I drove out to the GSL Marina with my two youngest boys, Oliver and Sam.  We met with Sue Frehse and her husband Todd.  Sue has been eager to join us in our cold water swims, but she is unable to on Tuesday evenings because she is a very dedicated youth swim coach.  So I suggested that we meet up this afternoon during a time that was convenient for her. 

When we got to the dock there were a few duck hunter boats that were coming in, so we had to stay out of their way.  This was Sue's first sub 50 swim and she seemed just a little nervous.  I encouraged her: "It's all mental".  Some would rephrase it as "You guys are mental!"

It felt a little warmer than Tuesday.  It was, by only one degree.  It came to 47f even (8deg c). 

We swam out to the far end of the marina and back and it was quite pleasant.  It wasn't nearly as painful as last time. And I rotated a couple time onto my back and did some elementary backstroke, and then some sidestroke.  I can't wait to swim front crawl!

Sue earns her cap and makes it look rather easy!
When we got back I stopped my watch 13:09.  Sue has a watch that also takes the temp.  Her watch read 46.9 f.  Cathi took a nice picture of us coming in with snow up on the mountains.  It was a nice swim and the recovery was easier this time too.

So with that temp/time in the water, Sue officially earned her WFPBC cap!  First one this year.  Will have to get Goody to give her one.  Planning to swim again on Tuesday and then next Saturday as well. Hoping to get a large group for next Saturday with the long Thanksgiving weekend.  

Oliver, me and Sam hanging out at the GSL Marina.
The boys enjoyed climbing the rocks and drinking some of my hot chocolate that I brought along to warm up after wards.

I also ordered the shirts for the New Years Race.  I just need to know a quantity.  I'm a little concerned that we won't get the full 16 swimmers that I was hoping for!  Really need to get the marketing machine going!

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