Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pineview 10 Mile swim

We got up this morning and took the aluminum powered boat out to Antelope Island.  Put the boat in and immediately noticed it was leaking about 2 cups a minute.  I saw the water coming in at a rivet in the back of the boat.  I went with Jacob out of the Marina with the boat just to see how bad the leak would be and it was coming in at a rate that I wasn't comfortable with especially with Jacob being the only support, so we went back and put the boat back on the trailer and took it to the welder I know on 1000 W (Steel Crazy).

The backup plan was immediately put into action.  Hooked up the kayak trailer and drove out to Pineview and did 10 Miles.  Here is the map:

The first 7.5 miles the sky was very cloudy and looked like rain, but it didn't.  I asked Jacob to be on the lookout for lightning, but luckily it didn't get that bad.  The first 4 miles were easy, but it started getting tougher at mile 5.  My stroke count went down and I was getting really tired of the stupid waterskiers going by fast and making waves for me to deal with.  But I can't complain, cause it's good experience.  

I swam to the other side (5.5 miles into it) and the turned around and came back.  At mile 6-8 it was really tough.  My shoulders were achy, and I wasn't feeling very energetic.  I was thinking to myself, that I felt like I was "walking" a marathon.  I just wasn't really pushing it.  I've always felt like when I swim distance that I need to take an easy pace.  Problem is I feel a little guilty for being such a panzie when I swim a mile in over 30 minutes.  I really want my miles to come in at least under 30 minutes and still be easy.  

I realized that I really need to hit the weights.  Shoulders, lats and triceps.  If I can just build up some strength in those areas, it should help.  Anyhow I got a second wind at mile 8.5- 10.  I think much of that was due to the cloudy and depressing weather going away and it got really sunny.  In fact I got a little too much sun on my neck, even though I put on some sunscreen.  I was able to pick up my pace, and my shoulders and lower back didn't feel so bad anymore.  My feedings didn't start until mile 3 and then I took a quick cereal bar and/or gatorade every mile after that.  I'm so glad it wasn't sunny the whole time I would have really been fried!
Jacob did VERY WELL staying with me and I only had to remind him a couple of times the whole trip to stay close.  There were ALOT of boaters and jetskiers who weren't very polite with their speed as they came near.  But I was able to finish in 5:39 which is about 39 minutes slower than what I'd prefer so I have a long way to go.  I don't want to just swim, I want to swim well, and that will take some speed training and strength training. 

When we got back I went to pick up the aluminum boat from the welder and the rivets have been welded over.  So I'm hoping that totally resolves the leaking problem with the powered boat and that next Friday afternoon we can do the planned swim out to Fremont Island, camp out, and then swim back on Saturday morning.  That should be alot of fun.  After today's swim I think that will be the best route given that 10 miles pretty much kicked my butt and I can't imagine doing 12 right now especially in that nasty salty water.  

This was the longest open water swim this year so I'm pleased to have that milestone and to build upon that soon!

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