Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 miles around Bountiful Lake - 1:27

Met Josh at BL at 6:25 this morning and we got in and started the swim.  The water temp was probably around 70-72.  It wasn't too hot, it wasn't hard getting in.  It was just right.  I felt really sluggish.  I never had any pain in my shoulders or back, just felt slow.

Josh was right there the whole time.  When we finished the third lap I stopped my clock at 1:27:45.  Not terrible.    Yesterday I got up to go swim at Layton surf N' swim, but after going to the bathroom, I realized that I was robbing myself of some much needed sleep so I went back to bed.  So yesterday I didn't swim.  Today's swim was the first serious swim in a week, so I need to get back in the water!

I plan on swimming out at Pineview this Saturday with Jacob and the powered boat.  In the meantime, I need to go to Layton and get in some yards!

After I got out an older gentleman was standing in the parking lot next to his truck.  He said he was a 65 year old guy who worked for the Utah Department of Natural Resources.  He commended Josh and I for our swimming. He said when he was young he used to come out here before the lake was dug out and was just a ditch with swamp lands.  He would go duck hunting out here and do quite well.  He went on about his life, he served in Vietnam, had cancer a few years ago, that has been taken care of and cleared.   His job is to come out to Bountiful Lake and check the Ph and oxygen levels for the fish.  Also check the depth of the water.

While he was talking I was trying desperately to get my left ear plug out.  I had jammed it way too far into my ear canal and couldn't grip the little stub to pull it out.  It was really in there.  After talking with the old guy I had to use my pocket knife to use the little scissors to grip the stub and carefully pull it out.  Man, you don't have to push it so far in!
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