Friday, July 2, 2010

60 degrees in stream at cabin

Tonight Grandma and Grandma Low took us all out to Golden Corral. We talked about cold water and then somehow it came up that we were going to do a cold water challenge after dinner.

When we got, Jacob, Lucy, Austin and I all changed into swim suits and jumped in the small stream that goes into the Logan river. Jacob put the thermometer in. We were all in up to our necks laying down in the stream. The thermometer read 60 degrees and holding.

I was in there for 22 minutes and I could see Austin really struggling. Jacob already got out at around 5 minutes into it. Lucy appeared to be unaffected by the cold and in good spirits. I decided to get out cause I already was planning to swim the next day at Bear Lake. No need to prove anything.

Lucy and Austin made a truce at around 45 minutes. Boy they did great!
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