Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6 Laps around Bountiful Lake - 3:01:56

Got up at 5:10am this morning and drove with Jacob to Bountiful Lake. Got in at 6:00am and did one lap after which Josh met us at 6:30 and started the second lap with us.

We did 3 laps together and then I did a couple more since I had the day off.
Here's a pic of the GPS route which was with Jacob (who made a few detours as well as a few short cuts. Figure it evens out.

Did it in 3:01:56.  That included a few stops to get a drink, and load up a small tree that was floating in the water into the boat so Jacob could dump it on shore. 

Quite a beatiful morning.  Got to watch the sunrise.  A little bit of wind, but much less than normal.  Jacob did a fantastic job staying nearby except in the upper left corner where I told him to turn around and wait since I would be turning around back towards him anyway. 

My left shoulder was a little touchy, but not really painful.  Felt good.  The temp was 71 degrees and wasn't even cold getting in.  What a great way to start the morning! 

Now I'm off to three days of whitewater fun on the Snake River and at Lava Hot Springs.  Hoping to get some good swimming in.
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