Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little faster - 4 laps around BL

Met Josh right at 6:00 and swam 4 laps around BL.  A slight wind kept the water a little unsettled during laps 1 and 4.  But nothing bad.  Each lap was just under 30 minutes, and these were serious laps with each one closer to the outside than I normally do.

Sprinted the last 500 yards.  Got out of the water at 1:59:25  Not bad.  Didn't have ANY shoulder or back issues at all.  Felt great!  The lifting is paying off already!

Looking forward to Friday's Fremont swim.  Tomorrow I meet my bud, Dale Majors, who is doing the Bear Lake Half Ironman.  He wants a few pointers on his swimming.  We're meeting at SDRC tomorrow morning.  I'll go a little earlier than we agreed so I can get in some laps before then.
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