Wednesday, June 30, 2010

White horses

Met with Josh, Jared and Melissa (I think that was her name) at 6:30 at Bountiful Lake. I threw in my thermometer and it read 70 after a few minutes. But it said 67 when we got out, so I didn't let it sit long enough on the initial reading.

Our first lap took 40 minutes. Melissa was a little slower than the rest of us so we held up at each corner for her. After the first lap Jared and Melissa got out. Josh and I continued on for two more laps.

During the last stretch of the second lap the waves going North really picked up. I felt rain and noticed that the waves were like two feet high. I stopped to turn around and check it out. I was thinking there might be a funnel cloud right behind us it was that crazy. There were some serious white horses, and instead of rain, it was water spraying off the waves with the wind. It only lasted about 1-2 minutes, but it was awesome! Halfway into the third lap the wind died down so much that the surface was like glass, really smooth. It's really strange how it goes from crazy wind to absolutely nothing in just a few minutes.

The last two laps we did in 28 minutes each compared to the 40 minutes for the first lap. So it was good to push it a little at the end. I sprinted the last quarter of the third lap.

When I got to work I took a cold shower. It wasn't bad. The days of taking warm showers and baths are over! Need to take the cold water serious and make it my friend. Bountiful lake is too warm now to consider that acclimatizing to the cold. I'll have to resort to cold baths and showers now. Unless I can find a facility that has an "ice pool", like Deseret Gym had.
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