Thursday, June 3, 2010

Much warmer swim at Bountiful Lake

So I took Jacob with me to Bountiful Lake this evening. He is going to be my support this year in lots of open water practices as well as events. I got him some gloves and he is happy to practice with me. I'm very lucky to have such a go getter of a son.

I got in with the wet suit remembering how cold it was last week even with the wetsuit and realized that it had really warmed up since last week. I took a temp reading about 10 minutes into the swim and it said 62. There are definitely cold/hot pockets within the lake. When I got around to the south side, it was much warmer. Took another temp reading on the south east corner where it felt warmest and it read 66. Then when I went back up near the boat ramp it was cold again. It's amazing how much difference 4 degrees makes! Even at 62 I wasn't very cold.

I'm planning to go again Saturday afternoon with Jacob after we get back from a scout camp. I'd like to do a few laps this time without a wetsuit and see how that goes.
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