Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's a go!

I was concerned with the water temperature at Bear Lake a couple weeks ago, that the water temp on July 3rd would be too cold. But according to the Utah State Parks condition page, it is 62. Now that is on the South end. Which I'm sure is much warmer than the north end where the water inlet is and which is the starting point where the wind blows. It's probably 59 or so up on the North side.

So with this new information. I'm going to go with my original plans of swimming the length on July 3rd. That's 19 miles. I'm very excited! Last Saturday's swim was 9 miles. I realize that's only half of next week's swim, but as long as the wind is in my favor, I keep my body core warm with hot chocolate and strong swimming, and the shoulders and back hold up, I can do it! Giving up is not an option! I have alot of last minute preparations to do. Some of which are:

  1. Get a backup battery for the supply boat motor

  2. Call Bryce at the Cisco Marina in Garden City

  3. Email John Quackenbush about tips/preparations

  4. Ensure that Jacob and Cathi are comfortable with the GPS navigation unit

I'll be swimming tomorrow at Layton Surf N' Swim. Wednesday morning out at BL with Josh, and then taking off work on Friday so we can head up to the cabin and begin the "psyche up period" the evening before the big swim. I'm so excited and know this is going to be tough, but doable!
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