Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cold swim in BL - 56 to 60 degrees

This morning I met Josh at Bountiful Lake. The water felt colder than the last couple swims. This was our first morning swim and it made a difference. I tried easing it, but it was tough so I just dove in after getting up to my waist. The bugs were eating me and it was hard getting the cold water on my upper body. The lake was smooth. No wind. More garbage this time though. The water seemed even more murky than last time.

There was an oil spill in the south end of the valley, but heard news reports that it didn't make it into Davis County. I was extra sensitive to the taste of the water this time just to see if it tasted or smelled like oil. Nothing. I try to keep the water out of my mouth anyway.

Well we swam 1 lap and then an additional lap around the first island. Probably about 2400-2500 yards. When I got out I looked at the temp and it remained at 60.

Josh's therm said 56. His therm is a sinker and mine's a floater so it's probably safe to say it was between 56-60 degrees. Cold stuff! I was fine until I got out and was exposed to the air and then I really started the shakes.

Felt great and I think I enjoy the swim better when Josh is at my 9 or 3 o'clock so I can see him. When we swim together it's nice to be side to side instead of single file. That way I don't have to worry that I'm swimming on while he might be in trouble, or vice versa if he is ahead. Not that anything would happen, but without having a constant eye on each other we might as well swim alone, and that violates the buddy system.

Actually during today's swim I was feeling VERY grateful to have a partner who is:

1) Reliable
2) Swims the same speed as I do
3) Eager to swim in open water

Not many people with all three of those qualities. I'm lucky.
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