Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Review of "On A Clear Day"

I read about a recent viewing of "On A Clear Day" on the 10kswim.blospot.com website. I went to Amazon.com and order a used copy of it and watched it last night. I'm quite a harsh movie critic, so I only gave it 7 out of 10.

It was more of a drama than an inspirational movie to me. This guy gets laid off and is depressed and confused about his future and gets the urge to train to swim the channel with only 6 months of training. His 4 closest friends immediately jump in to help him with his training (which seem to once a week to one of his swim workouts at the pool). The movie has comedic elements to it. The movie is definitely not that great of a film, but if you're a huge English Channel fan, this is a good show to have in your library.  It's got enough real training stuff in it, that it's nice to watch every once in a while to see what it takes to train for a swim.

It's a drama so it's not a nail biter, and there are a few funny spots in it, but not a blockbuster.
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