Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Slept in this morning cause I have worked more than enough at work and knew I could go in a little late. Got to the pool at 7:50am which is really late for me. Here's the workout:

400 warmup
1200 - 4x300 pull base on 4:20
100 backstroke recovery
800 - 4x200 pull strong on 2:50
100 backstroke recovery
1200 - 4x300 strong. Focus on fast arms constant forward movement. On 4:30
100 warmdown

total 3900

The last set of 300's was tough. Mostly cause of the breathing. Had to slow down a bit cause the bilateral wasn't enough for me once I got halfway into the set. I'm excited for next Tuesday. I'm having surgery to get the polyps in my nose removed. I'm off work for two days to recover and imagine I probably won't be swimming. But once I'm recovered I fully expect that my breathing will be much better (since I'll actually be able to exhale through my nose without any resistance).

The plan for this week is to swim on Saturday morning for 6.5 hours and get in 20K yards. I'll do my coach's long 10K swim twice. That's the plan at least. If I'm successful, it will be a new record on the amount of swimming done in one day, even though it's pool swimming.
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