Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 Mile swim

This was a great workout! I must say I like the longer sets rather than the short sprints.

800 - 800 dkps (drill, kick, pull, swim)
200 - 4x50 odds no-push starts, 15yds sprint, rest easy. evens push-start, 20yds sprint, rest easy. :50
4000 - 4x1000 on 14:00 1=pull w/ buoy, strap and paddles. 2=pull strap and paddles (on 18:00). 3 + 4=paddles, do not drag legs. Try to even split the 2x500s w/in the 1000. These are hard, you should have a HR of at least 150. These are faster than your channel speed. Do not be afraid to 'fly and die'!
200 - 4x50 same as above :50
100 easy

total 5300

Swimming with paddles and just ankle strap is hard! I was able to even or negative split all my 1000's except for that one. I was able to hold 6:30 on my 500's on everything (or just a bit faster), except for the pull w/ankle straps. On those I did 8:15 then 8:32. Felt like I had a lead weight tied to my knees, I just couldn't get my lower body streamlined without any kicks.

The rest of the workout was awesome. Lots of pulling. I love it. I took pulse at the end of 1000 and got 160bpm, so pretty good!
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