Monday, November 9, 2009

First taper workout this week

1000 - 4-4-4
700 - {200 slow, 100 strong, 50 fast, 200 fast, 100 strong, 50 slow) 10 rest between
50 double-arm backstroke easy
800 - 16x50 free (odds- 20 yards fast, rest is easy. evens- floating start w/ 15 yards fast, rest is easy.) on :45
50 double-arm backstroke easy
200 - 8x25 ALL OUT on :40
200 easy warmdown

TOTAL 3000

The 50s were tough. Mostly because I was trying to keep them at :40 so I could get some rest. So the "rest is easy" portion, wasn't really so easy.

I'm confident that my surgery to remove the polyps in my nasal area will help my exhale. I was talking to Brian Dickson yesterday about it and he said I'll be so glad I got them removed. I can't wait. My appointment with Dr. Stoker is on November 19th. I may be able to get a full breath for Christmas!
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