Monday, July 20, 2009

I've got a plan now - getting tips

It seems like almost every time I swim somewhere, there's someone I've never seen before that swims in my lane or the lane over who gives me a compliment on my speed or stroke. I've usually just said thanks and floundered for something to say. So from now on I'll say, "OK my rule is that you now have to tell me something that I can improve on. What's a flaw in my stroke? I can't see what I'm doing so I need someone else to tell me what I can work on". This way I actually get some constructive criticism, and at the same time, don't sit there like a social retard.

Here's today's workout:

6000 - 2 x (1000 free bilateral, 2 x 500 kick, 5 x 200's free pull (bilateral)on 2:50)
100 - warmdown

6100 yards total - 3.5 miles
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