Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 x 1 mile sets

Went to Clearfield again. The pool was probably 84 degrees.

1800 yards free - 26:32
rest for 1 min
1800 yards free - 27:02

3600 yards total

I got in touch with John Quackenbush yesterday. He's an experienced Open Water swimmer who is planning to swim the length of Bear Lake on August 8th. He's agreed to let me volunteer for some part of his support team. He's also agreed to join me on July 25th up in Pineview for a 10K swim. That sure would be great if we could collaborate and meet for open water training. He told me of the great importance to swim efficiently and work on bilateral breathing. Which is what I did today. Out of the 2 miles I only breathed on the same side consecutively once! I also found that I breathe 7 times per 25 when bilateral breathing, but when I breathe every stroke it's 10 times.

My wheels have been turning. I'm thinking about building a small 4' x 8' x 4' pool with one of those wave generators so that I can swim in a constant flow of water in the back. The pool would be fully enclosed with fiberglass windows, and could be locked up. Would have a space heater and the ability to control water temperature. This way I could get better and more convenient open water training in the back. The coolest thing is that I would be able to control the temperature and also don't need to worry about following a line in the pool and doing flip turns. Plus I'm not limited to the schedule of the pool, I can do it at home at weird hours if needed. Plus I could use it year round, and get cold water acclimation in the spring, which would be impossible in open water (I'm sorry, jumping in to 40 degree water and doing laps is insane) Will need to start on this project probably early next year in order to hit my Swimming only training year 2011.
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