Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 sets of 1 mile

Today I slept in a little. I was so tired. It was tough to get out of bed, but I ended up leaving at 6:45, so my swim started at 7:00.

5400 - 3 x 1800 yards free - Bilateral breathing. Nice long strokes, staying streamlined and efficient. No splashing. Last 100 of each set, sprint.

First mile = 25:48
Second mile = 26:11
Third mile = 27:24 (I might have gone an extra 50 or something)

I noticed alot of crap at the bottom of the pool. No, not real crap, just junk that people leave in the pool. The pool should be vacuumed out. I remember doing this once a week at Deseret gym, using the big robot vacuum that would turn around itself. That was a cool machine. I'm sure Surf N' Swim doesn't have that. They've got the ancient pole system with the vacuum hose on it. With it being an outdoor pool, they need to do it more often cause of all the leaves and debris that flies in.

Makes me wonder if they pool water is actually clean or not. Today I'm picking up a water thermometer to put on my kayak for open water swims. I think I'll pick up some pool water testing strips as well just to ease my mind every once in a while about the cleanliness of the pools I swim in. Here's a blog post on this topic ->
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