Saturday, August 16, 2008

Deer Creek Open Water Marathon 2008 Results

It was very windy going up Emigration Canyon to Park City at 6:00 am. I picked up Russell at his house since I needed him to be my kayaker. When we arrived it was 7:00 am and it was freezing outside! I was afraid that it would be very cold in the water. I stretch my legs out especially my calves. Usually I start cramping in the arches of my feet and then in my calves.

We filled out the waiver and met for the safety meeting. I took a Buzz Bite knowing that I needed something to power me through this 5K race. The race started at 8:10 or so. When they started the race I started my stopwatch. It was all bunched together and I couldn't see Russ for quite a while. I knew he was behind me somewhere, so I just followed the others that I could see on my right side.

When I hit the 1 mile mark it seemed to be longer than that. I wasn't tired, but it seemed to take longer than 24 minutes. About 30 minutes into the race I started getting some serious cramping going in both of my calf muscles. I would kick with my feet flexed, and then when it got bad would do about 10 seconds of breast stroke. Then when they cramped fast like lightening I would stop and go underwater, then grab my toes and stretch out the calf muscle. A couple times I got cramps in my quads and then I'd do breaststroke for about 10 seconds.

I was swimming hard. Good long strokes, my breathing was good, the water wasn't cold, dirty or funny tasting. It was the perfect swim except for that damn calf cramping! I wasn't tired, or winded. If I could have gone cramp free I would have cut probably 2 minutes off my time. When I neared the finish buoy, I sprinted for about 100 yards. I went so fast into the buoy that I jammed my thumb. I stopped my watch: 1:23:16

Dang! I was going for under 1:20. I was disappointed. I was about 2 minutes behind Brad from the Bountiful Masters, who also beat me in the 1500 M at the Summer Games. I was hoping for 1:17 or so. Not even close. I took 4th overall in the 5K (out of probably 12 or so), and the 2nd and 3rd place guys didn't even get under 1:20 so I wasn't feeling too bad. The official results will probably be posted in a couple weeks. I had a great time and am looking forward to breaking the first official time of 1:23:16! Here's a link to the final results for all the events.
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