Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting slack

OK - so the last two days I planned on swimming and didn't. On Tuesday I actually went to the pool, but Cathi forgot to bring my suit. I went straight there from work. So I went to Walmart and got a backup set of trunks for emergency use only. Good for doing drag training. I'll keep those in the back of my car at all times so I'll have a good backup. Then yesterday we ran out of time and would've gotten there late, so I went to bed early since I had Racquetball this morning.

After racquetball I did:

1000 Warmup
100 Breast
800 - 8 x 100's free on 2:00 fast (Under 1:15 on all of them)
100 EZ

2000 Total

I really need to get back in the water more often!
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