Thursday, May 22, 2008

Short swim after racquetball

I planned on swimming 1800 straight and time it, but when I hit 200 yards the muscles in the middle of my back near the top where I usually get the knots in my back started to cause me trouble. Even stroke I could feel the muscles pulling. I decided to just do an easy 500 instead:

200 free
100 breast
100 back
100 one arm fly

500 total

I went to the hot tub in the other pool. I noticed the lifeguard was really paying attention. He was positioned on top of the bridge so he could overlook both pools. Then he moved over to his lifeguard stand. I remember the days when I was a lifeguard. Nobody ever complimented me on my job. I never really felt appreciated by those I was overlooking unless I saved their drowning child when nobody was looking.

I thought to myself. Nice things that are unexpected often mean more than they really are. So I decided I was going to tip the lifeguard. I never got a tip when I was a lifeguard. Not even a thank you, or a compliment and I was gonna make this guys day. After getting out of the hot tub I got in my wallet and pulled out a $10 bill and walked over to him and said, "I noticed you're really attentive. I used to be a guard and it was tough to stay alert all the time. You're doing a great job." and gave him the money. He put out his hand not realizing what I was giving him. He looked at it and said "Thanks!"

He probably won't ever get a tip again (as a lifeguard) and thought this might be something he might appreciate. I don't share this to say I'm a good guy. But to encourage "random acts of kindness" that aren't necessarily expected. They can fuel people.
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