Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Getting touchy

Today while swimming one of the 200's on the last 50 of the set I noticed that I could nearly lap Cathi, so I picked it up just a bit to see if I could. That was the first time I've done that. Well Cathi noticed and gave me a piece of her mind. She was upset with me the rest of the workout! We only did one repeating set:

2100 - 6 x {200 Freee, 100 Free, 50 Free}

Austin came today and I noticed that he wasn't kicking very much and that his arms were coming out way too prematurely. I stressed pushing the water with his forearm all the way through behind him so that he gets a full stroke. His stroke improved greatly by the end of the workout. He swam quite a bit and didn't rest more than 1 minute. He broke Jacob's record of 800 yards by swimming 1200 yards. Not bad for only an hour to do it in!
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