Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Austin's first flipturn

Was in a bad mood when we left. The house was in shambles and kids weren't responsive.

300 Warmup
1000 - 2 x {5 x 100's pulling descending} on 3:00
200 - 200 IM
100 - Chasing Austin down once he get's halfway. Austin was eaten every time.

1600 Total

He asked me for some coaching on doing flip turns so Jacob, Austin and I worked on those for the last few minutes. Austin was able to do one, but pushed off on his back. I told him that whenever he does a turn to never do a hand touch turn. He must practice these in order to figure out how to perfect them. Cathi doesn't do flip turns and it add about 3 seconds to her time every length.

They both need to get out of the "ball" when they complete the turn so they can better push off the wall and then turn over on to their stomachs. Not bad for a first try though.
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