Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cathi's power workout

Today was a busy afternoon. I went in to work early so I could leave by 3:15.
  • I helped Cathi with her Webelos teaching First-Aid at 4pm.
  • Then accompanied Cathi's Music to my ears group at 5pm.
  • Had dinner at 6pm.
  • Had Bulls patrol at 7pm (first aid for Tenderfoot)
  • Prepared for swimming and watched a bit of Biggest Loser at 8pm and left to go swim at 8:45 pm.

Today Cathi came up with the workout:
500 - 500 Warm up
50 EZ
1950 - 3 x {300 Free, 200 Free, 100 Free, 50 Free}
50 yards Grandpa swimming with Cathi
2550 Yards total

Jacob came this evening and swam 1100 yards. His PR is 1200. He did alot of breast stroke, which technically has alot of flaws which I tried to help him weed out, but at least he's moving and working hard.

I called today Cathi's power workout because she was swimming fast and strong. She was on my feet basically the whole time. On the 300's I would have at most one length on her and when she got to the wall she rested for a short bit and then went ahead to the 200's. She was awesome today and a great partner.
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