Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 SHAC Pentathlon

Lucy, Jonas and I went to the Dinosaur museum before the meet
Last night we finally made it down to St. George after that 4 1/2 hour drive.  Bruce Schroeder was kind enough to let us stay in a room at his house.  It was neat to wake up to the beautiful red rock mountains.  It was like the perfect painting.

I took Lucy and Sam out for breakfast to IHOP.  They loved it.  Sam was so hungry.  I asked him if he'd rather go to the kids museum or a dinosaur museum.  He went with Dinosaur.

After that trip, we went to the pool, checked in and warmed up.  I swam the Freestyle Pentathlon which is all the freestyle distances from 1000 and down.  Definitely not as fast as I'd like, but not terrible.  It was a little better than I was expecting.  I didn't make it down to the 2015 Pentathlon because of my shoulder.  I had my right rotator cuff repaired on January 22nd last year.  So I only have 2014 to compare to which isn't really fair cause that was when I was probably in my prime as an adult getting prepared for MIMS.

EventSeed Time2014 SHAC PentathlonToday's Swim Time
1000 Free13:00.0011:40.26`12:18.16 
500 Free6:00.005:33.325:48.03
200 Free2:10.002:04.092:10.36
100 Free58.058.0359.73
50 Free28.026.5926.89
The lazer jammer I got didn't hurt my times either.

The 1000 and 500 times are new South Davis Masters club records.  I wasn't affiliated with SDM in 2014 (I was with SLOW).  That's why those faster times aren't records.

2014 total time: 20:43.29
2016 total time: 21:43.17
First place in my age group in the Freestyle Pentathlon.

Only three of us from SDM: Chad Hodo, Paul Dixon and myself.  I set a new South Davis Masters Club record in the 1000 and 500.  Hope to beat those even more by next year.

There were only 4 people who swam the Pentathlon and I was the youngest!!  Messed up how many fast swimmers there are in the state, and yet this meet was so poorly attended.  Boo.  The prizes alone are worth the trip.  Check out this 1st place prize I got!  I also won a raffle gift pack from Kneaders.  It was awesome!

Lucy and Sam had a ball volunteering.  It was fun to see Sam interact with people.  He was so cute.

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