Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Double take

This morning I swam at SDRC since I slept in.  Was in the water at 5:40am and did this workout:

500 warmup
6 x 50's kick no fins
3 x 100's back/breast on 2:00
8 x 100's free strong on 1:30
4 x 50's back/breast on 1:00
10 x 200's free (1-5 pull, 6-10 no equipment bilateral breathe) on 3:00 (rest extra minute at halfway)
1000 free strong (goal under 15:00 - got 14:19 with negative split (7:14, 7:05))
400 easy cooldown

5,500 yards total
I don't intend to be mean,
but I'm not a fan of this hair style.

As I was getting out I saw the lifeguard up on the stand with white hair that was nearly shoulder length and it was a dude.  From the backside I could have sworn it was Jacob.  I did a double take cause I seriously thought it was him!  I was like, how in the heck did he get a job here without telling me!  But after a closer look, it wasn't him.  Who would have thought there were two teenagers in the same county with the same goofy looking haircut.

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