Thursday, January 21, 2016

The week before the Annual one hour postal swim

I wanted a butt kicker workout so I came up with one, and fell a little short of the pace I wanted to hold:

500 free warmup

10 x 100's free on 1:30 (Held 1:21)
5 x 200's free on 2:55 (Held 2:50)
4 x 400's free on 6:00 (Held 5:50)
2 x 800's free on 12:00 (I had to pull these because my arms were gone.  Held 11:55, so I took an extra :30 rest between the two)
1000 free (no pull) fast.  Goal was under 14 and got 14:35

Man I'm beat.  I'll be happy if I get over 4,000 yards next week in the one hour postal.  Makes me realize how out of shape I am to hold a good pace.

Here's the vivoactive data:

Total Yards: 7,100

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