Monday, February 17, 2014

Results from the 2014 QUAC Ski-N-Swim event

This morning I scratched the 200 free because it was the first event of the day, and only would have left me about 15 minutes to recover before swimming the 500 free which is what I really wanted to nail.
So I swam a 500 warmup, and then got ready mentally for the 500 free.  I had Sam as my 50 split notifier and placed him on the side of the pool with instructions.  I had Jacob as my counter.  I noticed that the Fremont Aquatic center got a new screen which showed the 50 splits nice and big so I really didn't need Sam with this setup.  Every time I pushed off the wall on my 50s and took my first breath off to the side I could easily see my 50 split time.

I love how the meet director uses Swim Phone.  Good stuff.  Here's my splits:

500 Y Free   Heat 1   Lane 2 Finals

I was very happy with this!  I wanted to get under 5:33:32 which is what I got at the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center Pentathlon.  I was happy to get 5:32.02.  Now if I can just get under 5:30!

The rest of the events that I registered for were just frosting at this point.  I could care less what my time was on those.  But I still wanted to swim hard.  Here's what I did:

Gordon Gridley (SLOW) Age Group 40-44

1Mixed200 YFree2:04.001/2NSNP0N/ASeeded
5Mixed500 YFree5:40.001/25:32.02120N/ASeeded
8Mixed50 YFree27.002/426.74316N/ASeeded
12Mixed50 YFly28.501/229.74217N/ASeeded
14Mixed100 YFree58.001/258.73120N/ASeeded
Total900 Y9:37.507:27.2373
Thing that really sucked was that Event 11 was a 200 medley relay and the SLOW team was in Heat 2.  I swam free so I was last.  I got out, and then they called up the swimmers for Heat 1 of the 50 Fly.  I literally got like 30 seconds rest before sprinting a 50 fly.  I was glad I at least got under 30 seconds.  

All in all I was pleased with the meet except the ordering of the swimmers in the heats made no sense to me.  I was swimming with slow people in the 500 and might have done better had I swam right next Russell Brusch, who got a 5:29 in the 500 a couple heats later.  

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