Monday, May 31, 2010


1000 stretch
600 - 12x50 down drill, back swim, focus on strokes :50
3000 - 30x100 (10 on 1:40 [can use equipment], 10 on 1:30, 10 on 1:20/25 fast) descend through rounds of 10, last 10 HARD!
200 stretch
500 - 20x25 odds sprint evens easy :30
200 warmdown

total 5500

My body is so sore! My right ankle is swollen and is tender to any pressure, all the muscles in my legs, lower back, lats, shoulders. I'm hobbling around like an old fart! I'm probably gonna need a stretcher at the finish line of the Boise 70.3. I'll definitely be glad when that race is over!
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