Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Broken 1600 sets

800 - 16x50 odds 20yd semi-fast, rest easy, evens float start and 15yd semi-fast, rest easy on 1:00
500 - 5x100 strong kick free on 2:30
1600 - 2x800 pull buoy, paddles and ankle strap :30 RI
1600 - 4x400 pull buoy and paddles, no strap :20 RI
1600 - 8x200 first four, pull buoy only, second four, no equipment :10 RI
these are strong but relaxed pace. really use your arms on strong!
400 warmdown (100 drill kick pull swim)

total 6500

Man I need to replace my pool buoy. It's about 20 years old and one that I inherited from the Deseret Gym when it was torn down. I probably swam with this buoy in high school. It is so rough. It's like sandpaper. Half way through the last 1600 set I had to take it off. My inner thighs were so chaffed that I almost started bleeding. Its messed up cause I feel an attachment to that old piece of training equipment! But it's not being very nice to me!

Got in the pool at 5:45am this morning so I didn't feel rushed and was able to finish the whole set well before 8:00am. Nice!

Happy Earth day!
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