Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a minor shoulder ache, but great speed work nevertheless

1000 - 4-4-4
2000 - 4x { 300 on 4:15 strong!, 150 on 2:05 strong!, 50 easy} 1:00 rest
300 - 6x50 down drill back swim easy 1:00
1100 - 4x { 150 on 2:05, 75 on :55, 50 easy} 1:00 rest
Push these!

300 - 6x50 down drill back swim easy 1:00
600 - 4x { 75 on :55, 25 on :17, 50 easy} 1:00 rest
last of the tough intervals!

200 - 4x50 backstroke warmdown

total 5500

Had some minor shoulder aches from the very beginning, not enough to affect my performance, in fact today was awesome. I was able to make all the sets with enough rest to recover, and maintain the same fast pace. I just need to be better about taking my Glucosamine tablets at night.

Today when I got out, Shiny was sitting on the side the next lane over about to get in on the west side. She never does that. She usually gets in from the shallow side and walks over in the pool. When I got out she said, hello and asked how I was doing. I said good and kept on moving. You have to avoid getting too friendly with extremely attractive women. It's not rude, just a necessity for males that have a good marriage going, but have typical male drive. Someone should have told Sandra Bullock's doofus husband that rule. Poor lady.
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