Friday, December 11, 2009

Exhaling through my nose

I haven't been able to fully exhale through my nose while swimming cause the flow just wasn't clear enough to do so. But now after my surgery, I'm exhaling like a champ! Since this is my first swim since last Saturday, and I slept in too much this morning I decided to just swim for 1800 yards straight and get my time.

1800 Yards - 1800 Free

Finished at 27:44. Not bad for just going easy and not really pushing it until the last 50.

Warning - TMI: Afterwards during my shower I blew my nose and got a massive blood chunk out probably half the size of a golf ball. It felt great! I just keep getting clearer and clearer. I must have so much space inside my head now. Makes me wonder if I'm literally an airhead.
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