Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day Swim - 12,000 Yards

Got up at 5:30am to go swim at SDRC.

800 - 800 (200 kick-drill-IM-swim)
10000 - 25x400 Done in 5 sets of 5 (Only take water/food breaks in between sets of five)
set 1 = even kick, odd easy
set 2 = normal on 6:20 (6:00)
set 3 = pick it up on 6:10 (@5:48)
set 4 = fast on 6:00 (@5:40)
set 5 = fast on 5:50 (held 5:40 even though I was trying to go harder)

1200 - 6x200 easy. first one total recovery, 2-6 are 50 drill, 50 swim choice. :20 rest

12,000 yards total

A guy named Mark kept asking for advice during my 400's, but I spent the time he wanted when it was in between fifth sets. But gave him quick and short answers otherwise. I didn't really want to mess up the workout.

The 400's were tough especially the last two sets of 5. I tried going faster, but I just couldn't get the kind of intensity I wanted. But I didn't get slower and I didn't give up.

I was hoping to get this done just over 3 hours and it actually took me close to 4. Really took the first and second set probably too easy. Especially slow on three sets of 400 kick. Lower back a little tight.

Now for getting ready for the cruise. Hopefully I get some good swims in while there! We'll see.
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