Monday, August 10, 2009

Test swim @ pineview - 7 miles

I took PTO today originally to be a support for John on his Bear Lake Swim (which I've not had an update on by the way). But he decided to do his swim yesterday which prevented me from being a support. So I decided that rather than go to work I would do a test to see if doing 10 miles this Saturday would be a possibility. So I took Cathi and Austin with me to Pineview to do a 7 mile swim. If I did 7 miles and still felt good at the end and not dead tired, I would go for the 10 mile.

Here's the map of what I did:

The water is higher than what shows in the satellite image for this map.

I spent a total of about 4 minutes telling Cathi and Austin to get closer, or too far, or avoid getting rammed in the back of the head. Austin thought it was funny. So I spit water at him when he got too close, or would yell out "Ramming speed!" to give them a bit of fun. The water temp at the beginning was 76 degrees. I started my swim at 9:51 am. Good thing Cathi put some sunscreen on cause it was totally sunny.

From Swimming
I took about 4-5 breaks where I took water, a buzz bite, and/or a nutrigrain bar. The last 2 miles Cathi had me sprint for 3 minutes, then go normal speed for 7 minutes. That made the last two miles go by kind of quick. That was a good idea. My shoulders were a little sore along with my lower back, but nothing totally painful. I really think 10 miles is a good distance and very achievable. So the plan is to rent a jetski and give Steve and Meg a break at the halfway point.

When I got at the end I was short by about a tenth of a mile so I crossed back over to the other side of the beach area to get the full 7 miles in. I checked the temp on the way out and it was 78 degrees. I stopped the clock and it showed 3:42:21. A little slower than the 30 min/mile goal, but much of that was due to joking and correcting my support boat.

I'm looking forward to this Saturday and will only be swimming once more this week: 2 miles on Wednesday morning with Josh @ Bountiful. After that, I'll be carbing up like a madman.
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