Wednesday, August 19, 2009

4 laps in the toilet

This morning woke up to the alarm after it had already sounded for around 25 minutes. I was late! I jumped up hurried in to my suit and raced to Bountiful Lake. I texted Josh to let him know I'd be a little late.

The thermometer this morning read 70 degrees f. We did 4 laps in 2:01:24 coming to 4.4 miles

As I was doing the fourth lap I was reviewing in my mind the events of Julieann Galloway's training that I read up on last night. I can't get over how she was able to swim in that super cold sea water in Ireland during the winter months. Granted she'd swim 10 - 14 minutes or so, but that's simply amazing.

In my mind during the fourth lap, I also kept seeing her "pinup picture" which she posted in picasa. I'm a good mormon boy and don't go looking for bikini pics (or worse) on the internet, but after going through her album of her swims that was the last one. Man she looks good and given her history of all the training she had to do, she deserves a picture looking hot. Good for her!

4.4 miles in 2:01:24

Next weekend I have the Bear Lake Classic so I'll probably just do one lap in a sprint and see if I can get under 25 minutes.
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