Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4 Mile Swim in Bountiful Lake

Met Josh at 6am and waited for a few minutes for another guy who never showed up. Did three laps with Josh and he was right with me. He's getting faster. Didn't have any breakfast and so I was running on empty. My muscles weren't getting fatigued, just low on energy.

During the third lap I thought to myself that I really ought to do one more, so I did that. Next week I'll do just two since Deer Creek is next Saturday and ought to taper a bit.

John Quackenbush's Bear Lake Swim is coming up this weekend. I have Monday off work to go help support him. I bet he's getting really excited. It's gonna be fun.


4 laps = @ 4.4 miles
Time Elapsed = 2:10
Temperature = 77 degrees (Much better in the morning)
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