Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick lap around the toilet - 28:59

It was tough getting up this morning due to getting bed at 1 am last night. Last night's concert left my ears ringing when I went to bed.

Hit snooze three times and that resulted in my being late to meet Josh at Bountiful Lake by about 5 minutes. We planned to only go one lap cause we both have events this weekend. I have Bear Lake Tri and he has a open water swim from Alcatraz to SF.

So we started out fast and tried to keep a fast pace. When I got back to the start my watch stopped at 28:59. Not bad. I wanted under 30 minutes, but closer to 25. It was hard to maintain a really fast pace more than 5 minutes. But it was faster than normal.

The thermometer read 72 degrees this morning. It felt colder than that. If Bear Lake is 65 then I'm going to freeze my butt off, but I'm no longer wearing a wetsuit!!!!!

As Josh and I were talking afterwards in the water before getting out a fish bit him on his waist and scared him a little. The fish were sure active. We got out just as the sun was coming up over the mountain. There were some big ones jumping clear out of the water going for mosquitoes.

Still no word from anyone wanting to swim with me @ pineview next Thursday. I may have to go solo on that. I should probably find a support crew though as Cathi will be busy with kid stuff that evening.
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