Friday, December 12, 2008

Another great swim

Got up a little early and went in to SDRC on the way to work. Didn't get there early enough to swim with Masters, but got there at 6:45. I knew getting into that pool was gonna be cold so I went in to the hot tub first. If I baked in the hot tub for a good 5 mintues then the cold water would be refreshing rather than shocking. I was right, it felt great and the hot tub didn't tire me down and I still had a great workout:

1000 - 1000 Free in 13:49
1000 - 2 x (400 Kick, 100 Free) with fins
2000 - 100,200,300,400 Free and down. Focus on 2-3 dolphin kicks per push off the wall, and then swim strong getting stroke count between 8 - 9.
100 - 100 Grandpa swimming

Great workout.
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