Saturday, November 6, 1993

6 Nov 1993 - Elayna starts swimming

400 warmup 200 free, 200 kick

600 6 x 50 IMs, 6 x 50 fly - 25 right, 25 left on 1:15

900 12 broken 75's 50 then rest :10, 25 fast on 1:30

600 6 x 100 kick 4 free, 2 breast

800 8 x 100's descend 1-4 x 2 on 2:00

300 12 x 25's descend 1-6 on strokes (1st 25 - @ 12, 2nd 25 less 1/2 stroke and so on)

200 warm down IM

3800 total

Elayna wants to be a swimmer and having taught her before and being impatient as I am, I refused to coach her until she put forth some effort by swimming a mile without touching the bottom. When she can do that I will be a serious coach with her.

I took her to the gym with me today anyway and she swam quite a ways. I enjoyed today's workout. I didn't really worry about time too much but rather on the number of strokes I took to get across.

Tonight was my mission reunion. I was so happy to see these old friends. I spent this night at Brandon Condie's apartment and on the 7th (Sunday) I went to his student ward with him. It was Stake Conference and Elder Lindsey was the main speaker.
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