Monday, August 24, 2015

More dangerous than Jellies or Sharks

Ever since February 2010, when I got my first and only ear infection, I've always worn ear plugs when I swim.  That painful experience made me realize that something as lame as an ear infection can potentially do more damage to my body that a random jelly encounter or shark attack, granted I'm not a regular ocean swimmer so that even reduces the chances.

I have tried a few different types of ear plugs, and the ear plugs I prefer are these.  I just keep them in my goggle box so I don't lose them.  They're pretty expensive, but worth it.  I also use these plugs for when I've attended crazy loud concerts, or even at scout camp to avoid hearing the boys' late night conversations through the tent walls, or my fellow leader's snoring. (a UK based retailer), recently sent me a "Save Your Hearing" press release.  AllEarPlugs is all about hearing protection, not just related to swimming.  If I was a UK resident I would consider buying from them, but the shipping costs don't make sense for me to be a customer, but I do support ear protection awareness.  Check them out.

This morning's workout was all about IM.  Kirsten provided this morning's workout.  I swam with Seth in lane 6:

300 easy

400 IM
4 x 50's one arm fly on 1:00
100 dolphin kick

300 IM
6 x 50's backstroke on 1:00
100 back kick

200 IM
8 x 50's breast on 1:00
100 breast kick

100 IM
10 x 50's free on :50
100 free kick

200 hypoxic breathing (5 strokes)
200 easy

3,500 yards total

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