Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Causey Monster swim

In memory of Capt. Webb's finish of the English Channel, I decided to swim the perimeter of Causey Reservoir which resembles a Nessie looking monster.

I tried to get a group to go with me, but everyone had other things going on.  Because I had my swimmer buddy loaded up with a gatorade, and the water was flat as glass, I felt fine going solo on this swim.

I got up there later than I wanted and didn't start the swim till 6:30am and it took me 2:28 to finish the swim.  What the map doesn't show is the huge cliffs on both sides.  There were many times my GPS would vibrate because it lost connection.  So the map that Garmin came up with has zig zags all over the place.

There wasn't a single boat on the water and only a couple of fisherman over on the south end of the dam.  I had the entire place to myself!  The water was flat and I took several temp readings with my watch.  Water was 66°F.  Perfect!  As I was going along I couldn't help but look around as the view and the smell of the pine trees was amazing.  I could have kicked myself for not bringing my Ipod along in a waterproof case for taking a few pics during my swim!

Shoulder a little sore now, but not terrible.  What a fantastic swim!

Total: 4.51 miles in 2:28  Today I hit 9 million yards logged so far.  Only 20% of my lifetime goal.  Still have a long way to go!
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