Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blue Moon swim at Jordanelle

Last night I took Oliver, Sam and Jonas up to Jordanelle for the SLOW club's Blue Moon swim at 10pm.  I had Jonas patrol with the kayak as there were 13 swimmers and several that we new to swimming at night.  It was a lot of fun.  I used a blow up killer whale as a SSD and was extremely surprise at how little drag it was.  Just like a Swimmer Buddy.  Not even noticeable.

By the way I got some much needed replacement parts for my swimmer buddy sent to me in the mail so now I have that option available to me now.

We all swam the one mile course at Jordanelle and played a little before I got in the kayak and paddled the 1.8 miles back to camp.

In the morning I slept in till 8:30am.  Oliver was squishing me in my sleeping bag.  Not the best night's sleep, but restful.  It felt really good to sleep until the sun warmed the tent.

Chad and I got everyone preped for a swim this morning north of the marina.  We stayed along the shoreline with the two kayaks paddling alongside.  About 1 mile into the swim I got a cramp in my left calf muscle very low, almost down into my achilles tendon.  It was very painful and I couldn't get it to subside myself.  I lifted my leg up on to the side of the kayak and tried to get Sam to massage it out, but he was making very little difference and it was still as tight as ever.

It got to the point where I was moaning in pain.  Then Chad realized I was missing from his side and he swam back and massaged it out.  It took at least a minute and it finally relaxed and I was able to resume.

We continued to swim around the shoreline, in and out of various coves till we hit 2 miles and then swam back.  When we finished I was spent.  Garmin GPS read 3.86 miles when we finished.   Got lots of sun.

Total 4.86 miles Friday night/Saturday morning

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