Monday, August 3, 2015

Trying to not be a bottleneck

This morning I swam with SDM.   I swam with a new swimmer, Josh, and with Anna Marie.   Kirsten coached and gave this workout:

400 Swim
300 Pull
200 kick

12 x 50's IM order - 4 x (kick, drill, swim) on 1:00

6 x 150's free (3 @ 2:30, 3 @ 2:20)

4 x 50's on 1:00 25 kick/drill

4 x 150's pull on 2:00 (:08 rest)

Got out at this point and moved to the north end of the pool since out time was up and finished with:

4 x 50's @ 1:00 (25 fast, 25 easy)

200 cooldown

3,600 yards total

I went first on all the sets.  Tried to keep Anna Marie off my toes which was tough since except for the kicking sets, she swam the whole thing with paddles.  Pulling should be just a portion of the workout, not the whole thing.  It becomes a crutch, and has the potential for injury.

Last swim before Tahoe.  Best of luck Goody!  You can follow his progress on his spotGPS page starting Wednesday night around 8pm.

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