Friday, July 31, 2015

Lynette's workout

Last night I donated a pint of blood and was told to avoid any exercise for the rest of the night which meant my evening swim I was hoping to get in, was off.  This morning I swam with SDM.  This is the second swim for the week with them which I haven't done in a long time.  Swam with Jeff and Kia again.

I was curious if the lack of blood would affect my performance.  Not noticeably.  Here's the workout:


    400 free
    8 x 50's odd  scull/free by 25, even kick no board
    4 x 100 IMs :15 rest
    6 x 50's free neg split

Main set:
    2 sets of:
        400 pull (first one with snorkel)
        4 x 50's back on :55
        4 x 50's free on :55
        4 x 50's IM order on :55

200 easy

3,700 yards total

Right shoulder a little stiff.  Need to get in to the gym more regularly and do my PT strengthening exercises!

Kelly Gneiting is near the finish of his 20 mile swim in Navajo Lake in NM, but he's having trouble fighting the wind.  The unorthodox use of sidestroke for a marathon swim makes for a really slow pace and prone to injuries with the lack of symmetry in the stroke.  But it isn't about what stroke you use, it's about finishing while following the established set of Marathon Swimming rules.

His observer's latest FB post is a little concerning:

Kelly is really hurting and in great deal of pain and fatigue, taking a bit of a break now ...
Low battery on phone, perhaps only one last update, coming soon

I really hope he finishes.  It would be a shame to go so far and not make it.
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