Monday, June 29, 2015

Early Jordanelle swim

Late last night I drove to Jordanelle and slept in the back of the van with the seats out.  I met Chad up there for an early morning swim. Slept good like I normally do when camping.  Got up at 0340 and drove down to the boat ramp.  Goody arrived and got his kayak setup to support us.  It was good he was there.  I forgot how nice it is to have a kayaker there especially in the dark.  He was able to spot a piece of floating debris to steer clear of.

This was only my 2nd swim in Jordanelle and I was unfamiliar with how far it was to the Dam, or any shorelines that are especially good to avoid.  Goody did a good job guiding us and I am grateful. 

Shoulder felt stiff around mile 3 and offered to switch with Goody, but he was fine and I wasn't completely done.  So I stayed in the water and finished the swim.  Swam 4.66 miles in 2:45.

Pushed it along the buoy line which Josh caught up and passed me on.  That boy is getting quick!  I bet he sets a PR at the SDM meet in November.

Water temp was 72°.  Just as warm as Pineview was last week.  It's warmed up!  Next week we're going to Strawberry.

Beautiful morning swim.  Not quick glassy, but not terrible either.

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